Tell Us A Little About Yourself

This question gives me so much anxiety. I have been reentering the job market so I have been asked this multiple times and it never fails to make my heart race. I can tell you my biggest weakness (while slyly turning it into a strength) and fill your head with all of my travels. But discussing myself, not my experiences or specific traits, brings me to a brick wall.

Pondering this question came at a great time because I wanted to cover the basics of who I am for readers of this blog. Sorry, reader* (hi, Dad!).

Lying has never come easy to me and even through written words, I’m sure my telling blush would give me away. So I’ll be honest. I am 23 years old with no degree, a long list of service industry jobs, and a love for everything that doesn’t warrant a paycheck. Sorry, I’m still in interview mode, although I would never say those things aloud to a future employer. But really, I love devouring books in one sitting, thinking of haiku's off the top of my head, writing stories about independent heroins with striking resemblances to my lifestyle (no clue why), and being outside all the time.

If a song comes on with any sort of instruments or beat or vocals, I start dancing. In small groups, I try to give attention to every one and meet the needs of anyone seeking something. In large crowds, I hide in the corner and practice Spanish on Duolingo or check all two of the emails I received that day. I am an introverted extrovert and constantly surprise myself by being more of one than the other in certain situations.

I will dance anytime, anywhere.

I love outdoor sport climbing so much that I moved into a van to be right at the base of the best climbing walls. This should show dedication and hard work but employers don’t see that for some reason.

I travel often on a whim and will go out of my way to pet any dog in the vicinity. I love and hate people, kids are wonderful at arms length, and I have a hard time doing anything that requires pants without an elastic waist band. So there’s that.

Now, who’s hiring for all of those things?

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