There is something about being in a completely new place, knowing no one, that makes even the most mundane tasks exciting.

Today I hiked down a road and through the slushy ice covering it, in search of a shower. It was like this grand adventure because I was bundled up against the cold, backpack stuffed with clothes and toiletries, heavy boots tightly laced to my feet all while I leaned into the icy wind. My journey was a success and on the trek back my hair froze before I reached the van. It made me laugh and I crunched a piece between my fingers, grateful I made it back from my epic endeavor.

My life is an adventure every day solely because of the lack of routine. As much as it is a choice to know where you will get your next shower from or where you will do your next load of laundry, it is my choice to know neither of those things. Which means I can’t complain when the task proves to be difficult. It also means, more often than not, I’m overwhelmingly glad at the simple success of a mundane task.

I know there are real adventurers out in the world, establishing new climbing routes and making ground breaking discoveries. I know this. However, I feel I did do the world a small favor today (even if it was just by smelling a little better.)

25 year old woman living in a Ford Transit Connect van. Telling honest stories of real love, loss and every experience in between.

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